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Muslim Brotherhood members removed from student union election lists

Helwan, Monufiya and Benha universities have removed the names of 218 students who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from preliminary lists of candidates to run in student union elections.

The spokesperson for MB students at Helwan University said they will issue a statement condemning the move.

Similarly, Monufiya University has removed the names of 169 students from preliminary lists of candidates, including 73 who belong to the Islamist organization.

The names of 25 Brotherhood students who submitted their papers for elections at Egypt's Higher Technological Institute were also lifted from election lists.  

Alexandria University meanwhile threatened to dismiss 11 MB students who launched a campaign titled “Let us live by the Quran” without requesting permission. The main aim of the campaign, according to the students, is to persuade students to adopt a Quranic approach to life. 

In Fayoum, Brotherhood students accused security guards of beating two students and kidnapping one of them. The other student escaped, an MB student spokesperson at Fayoum University said.

Mohamed Nasr, the Muslim Brotherhood media official in Alexandria, warned that Brotherhood students will not remain silent in the face of incidents of beatings and arrests.

A number of rights activists plan to meet to launch a campaign to protect university students against assaults by university guards and violations by university management, which particularly target Brotherhood students.

Students from the 6 April movement will also hold a conference tomorrow at Cairo University to express their rejection of election fraud in Egypt.

Cairo University meanwhile announced its preliminary lists of candidates for student union elections. The lists include the names of 1735 students, of whom 110 belong to the Brotherhood.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.