My meeting with Morsy was fruitful, says Ashton

The High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security of the European Union said that the EU intends to form working groups in Egypt to identify the assistance necessary for both the Egyptian public and private sectors.

Catherine Ashton told a news conference at the conclusion of the Conference of European Foreign Ministers on Monday that her meeting with President Mohamed Morsy was very fruitful, and emphasized the need to support Egypt in the transitional period due to its importance in the region.

She hoped the problem of the Egyptian Parliament would be resolved soon, and priority be given to a democratic and civilian government that is able to meet the demands and aspirations of the Egyptian people. She also stressed the need for a transparent constitution that reflects all segments of society.

Ashton denounced the attack that targeted Israelis in Bulgaria, saying the perpetrators must be brought to trial.

On the Syrian affairs, Ashton stressed the need to support the plan of UN envoy Kofi Annan, especially after the Security Council failed to pass a resolution about the crisis, and appealed to Russia and China to put pressure on the Syrian regime.

She hoped that implications of the Syrian crisis would not extend to neighboring countries, noting that the European Commission has allocated 20 million euros to provide water, food and medical supplies for displaced Syrians, both within and outside the country, bringing the total aid since the outbreak of the crisis to 63 million euros.

She said there is a ban on weapons and equipment, which may be used for repression, and that necessary measures have been taken for the inspection of ships and aircraft suspected of carrying weapons to Damascus. Also, 26 personalities and three new entities have been added to the list of sanctions, bringing the total number to 155 personalities and 52 entities that would be announced Tuesday.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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