Egypt Independent

NDP members declare intention to run in People’s Assembly elections

Egypt's National Democratic Party (NDP) members are submitting applications to party offices throughout the country, declaring their intentions to run in the upcoming People's Assembly elections.

A large number of government officials and ministers submitted their requests, including the President’s Chief of Staff Zakariya Azmy (Zaitoun), Chairman of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate Hamdy el-Sayyid (el-Nuzha and el-Marg), and People’s Assembly Speaker Ahmed Fathey Sorour (Sayyida Zeinab).

Mohamed Nasr Eddin Allam (Jeheina, Souhag), the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, submitted an application along with Minster of Investment Mahomud Mohey Eddin (Kafr Shokr, Qalyubiya). Eddin’s candidacy is bolstered by the array of civil services he provided his constituency during his ministerial term. In the last People's Assembly race, he withdrew his candidacy because the race featured his uncle, Khaled Mohey Eddin, as his opponent.

The Minister of State for Military Production, Sayyid Meshaal, faces a tough test for Helwan, a voting district recently declared an independent governorate, against independent MP Mustafa Bakry.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.