Official denies fire in Aswan Philae Temple

Nasr Salama, Director General of the Aswan Antiquities, denied on Facebook on Thursday afternoon the burning of the Roman Kiosk of Trajan of Philae Temple in Aswan. 

Salama stressed that the news was baseless, as no fire broke out at the temple or any of its affiliated archaeological sites.

There was a limited fire outside the temple on Thursday in a small part of the grass on the eastern shore of the island of Philae, which is close to the Trajan Kiosk.

The fire was put out immediately without extending to the archaeological site, he added.

The Trajan Kiosk is in a very good architectural state and is not threatened with collapse as rumored, said Salama.

The Kiosk is built on a base made of concrete and undergoes regular maintenance, he pointed out.

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