Policeman complains of verbal attack by sons of a Brotherhood leader

A police officer in Sharqiya Governorate, north east of Egypt, on Saturday accused the two sons of Mohamed Morsy, president of the Freedom and Justice Party, of "insulting" him.

Security sources said Fouad accused them of "verbally abusing him while on duty."

The sources said First Lieutenant Mohamed Fouad filed a complaint at Sharqiya Security Directorate against Ahmed Morsy, 30, a doctor at Zagazig Public Hospital and his brother Omar, 20, a student at the Faculty of Commerce at Zagazig University.

The lieutenant said he stopped a car at a traffic checkpoint on Saturday, and when he asked the driver to show his car license he responded by saying, "You don't know who I am, I'm Dr. Mohamed Morsy's son." When the driver refused to show his license, Fouad asked him to wait in the parking corner beside the checkpoint . According to Fouad, the driver and his brother responded with a tirade of insults.

Amer Bassam, spokesperson of the Freedom and Justice Party in Sharqiya, said Mohamed Morsy "did not interfere in any way to contain the situation as many websites have reported."

Bassam told reporters that if Morsy's sons prove guilty "they should be punished like any citizen."

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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