Popular Current denies meeting Brotherhood leaders

The Popular Current has denied news disseminated on some websites that Hamdeen Sabbahi, its founder, and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood met to discuss national reconciliation and to ensure Brotherhood support for the party in the upcoming presidential elections.

In a statement issued on Monday, the current said Sabbahi did not meet or contact any leaders from the Brotherhood.

The statement added that the current, as a basis for national reconciliation, is seeking transitional justice in which those who have engaged in violence, bloodshed, or corruption are put on trial.

The statement added that the party will provide a detailed vision for national reconciliation and transitional justice over the coming period, adding that news about Sabbahi running in the coming presidential election is false. Discussion of this issue will be held later within the party or along with the rest of the national and revolutionary powers.

The current is now focusing on popular mobilisation to bolster the goals of the revolution and to ensure the success of the transition roadmap.

The current called on the media to ensure accuracy in its coverage. It also said that news on its platform is best obtained through its official pages, official messages to the media, and official media spokesperson.

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