Power towers sabotaged in Cairo, Monufiya, Qalyubiya

The Electricity and Energy Ministry has announced that acts of sabotage targeting electricity towers are continuing and has subsequently confirmed that four towers were sabotaged in Cairo, Monufiya and Qalyubiya early Wednesday morning.
Sources also confirmed that the ministry's total losses have amounted to LE110 million. 
The statement disclosed that the base of Basous-Heliopolis tower 36 (220 kV) was blown up, causing it to collapse and affect towers 37 and 38.
Banha-Qalyubiya tower 91 (220 kV) was also sabotaged, causing it to crumble, as well as Banha-Qwesna tower number 8 (220 kV).
The acts of sabotage caused the New Banha Power Station, with a capacity of 750 megawatts, to stop working, said the statement.
An Electricity Ministry source mentioned that the LE110 million loss is a direct result of dozens of electricity towers being attacked, in addition to the burning of about 600 small transformers throughout the governorates.
The ministry said in a statement yesterday it had decided to offer a reward for people who report sabotage plans, help prevent acts of sabotage and attacks on towers, or assist the police in arresting attackers. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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