Egypt Independent

Presidential hopefuls demand immediate action after violence

Egyptian presidential hopefuls on Sunday warned that the tense situation in Egypt will jeopardize its future and called for immediate action.

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei described security forces' actions in Tahrir Square as "excessive violence and barbaric behavior."

In a statement, former Arab League chief Amr Moussa called for immediate practical steps to be taken based on a timeframe and roadmap for the presidential and parliamentary elections. He also said that all election-related procedures should finish by the end May 2012.

Presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi said the security forces' unacceptable violence against protesters will increase tension and anger over the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces' mismanagement of the transitional period.

“The blood of Egyptians spilled requires an immediate investigation to bring those responsible to justice,” Sabbahi said. He also called for a serious revision of Interior Ministry and security policies through a restructuring plan.

Sabbahi demanded the ouster of the current government and the formation of a national salvation government, which would have all political and executive authority. He also called for holding elections on time and setting the date for presidential elections to mid-2012.

Lieutenant General Magdy Hatata, another potential presidential candidate, demanded the formation of an independent committee to investigate the causes of what happened in Tahrir Square.

In a statement, presidential hopeful and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq described the events as "catastrophic" and warned against repeating "riots."

"This will cause a big economic withdrawal," Shafiq said.