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Prosecutors to begin investigations into pro-SCAF judge

Prosecutors are set to begin investigations on Thursday into the complaint filed by former MP Mohamed al-Omda against Tahani al-Gebali

, vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Omda accused Gebali of telling the New York Times that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces did not intend to hand over power or hold parliamentary elections.

He added that after the Islamists won the elections, Gebali allegedly prepared a document granting the SCAF the power to manage all the affairs of the military establishment without supervision. He also accused the judge of writing a clause on the formation of the National Defense Council, which prompted the November demonstrations on Mohamed Mahmoud Street that left 45 protesters dead.

Gebali stated that the SCAF eventually used the Supreme Constitutional Court to dissolve parliament so as to retake power, Omda claimed.

“This means the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court to dissolve parliament is void, as it cannot unjustly dissolve an elected institution,” Omda said.

Last month, the New York Times reported that Gebali “advised the generals not to cede authority to civilians until a constitution was written.”

Later, Gebali told state-run newspaper Al-Ahram that she hadn’t given any interviews to the American paper.

Edited translation from MENA