Protesters accuse Cairo governor of running over woman

Residents of the Al-Salam camp, who are protesting before the Radio and Television building on the Maspero Corniche to demand alternative housing units, accused Cairo Governor Abdel Kawy Khalifa on Monday of breaking a female protester’s leg by running her over with his car.

The governor, however, said that the woman stood before the car to block its passage, and that the police had to pull her away.

But the protesters said that they heard the governor was coming to talk to them, and that they approached his car when they saw it coming. The governor ordered his driver to drive quickly, causing the car to hit Mona Ali, a 43-year old woman.

They also said that the car did not stop when the woman was hit, and that they called the ambulance to take her to Qasr al-Ainy hospital.

In related news, security personnel of the Urban Communities Authority prohibited staff from staging protests on Monday against appointing military engineers to leading positions because they considered the appointments a move to militarize the authority.

However, the protesters agreed to continue demonstrating until the engineers are removed. They also called for withdrawing confidence from Housing Minister Mohamed Fathy al-Baradei and president of the authority.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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