Protests in Alexandria against medical insurance bill

Alexandria – Over 200 members of the Nasserist el-Tagamu Party and the Alexandria Pensions Federation staged protests on Monday against the new medical insurance draft law. They held banners and shouted slogans opposing amendment to the current law.

Ismail Suleiman, secretary general of el-Tagamu’s Alexandria branch, said that all political forces oppose increasing medical insurance fees and placing more burdens on the people.

Pension Federation President Ikram Labib warned the government of a clash with the federation. “We may decide to resort to the courts to get our constitutional rights,” he said, calling for improving medical services at no additional costs to pensioners.

El-Tagamu Party, at the same time, issued a statement saying the current medical insurance program covers 52 per cent of the population with funds close to LE3 billion.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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