Public Prosecution to summon Al-Azhar professor over NSF assassination fatwa

Prosecutor General Talaat Abdullah will likely summon Al-Azhar University Professor Mahmoud Shaaban over accusations that he attempted to incite the killings of National Salvation Front leaders, according to a source from the Public Prosecution's technical office.

Public Prosecution Spokesperson Mostafa Deweidar heard on Monday testimony from Khaled Taher, the lawyer who accused Shaaban of issuing religious edicts that could harm social peace and public security.

Taher attached to his report filed on Thursday a CD that includes video of Shaaban announcing his edict during a show aired on Al-Hafez satellite TV channel.

He added that even though the edict incorrectly explains Prophet Mohamed's sayings, there was a risk that Shaaban's followers would believe him, spreading sectarianism and chaos.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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