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Rafah crossing now ready to admit aid into Gaza

Cement barriers erected days ago in front of the Rafah crossing gate were removed on Friday morning, in preparation for admitting humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip following an agreement signed under the auspices of the UN.

Al-Arabiya news channel in a report cited eyewitnesses who saw the cement barriers being removed in front of the Rafah crossing from the Egyptian side.

Egypt is working to find solutions to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, the spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Abu Zaid assured.

He noted that Israeli occupation forces have bombed the Rafah crossing from the Palestinian side four times so far.

In a Tuesday telephone conversation with the journalist Nashat al-Daihi on the “TEN” satellite channel, Abu Zaid explained that Western media holds Egypt responsible for opening the way for their nationals to cross through the Rafah crossing.

He stressed that Egypt has made it clear that the current disruption at the crossing is due to Israeli forces preventing aid from from entering the Palestinian side.

Egypt will not allow the evacuation of foreigners in the Gaza Strip, and any escalation will be met with escalation, a sovereign Egyptian source responded via al-Qahera News Channel to statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu told US President Joe Biden that Israel will not allow Egypt to open the Rafah crossing or bring any aid into the Gaza Strip.

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