Rafah crossing opened in both directions Thursday

Egyptian authorities have continued to facilitate passing across the Rafah crossing in North Sinai in both directions for Palestinian passengers and for the transfer of various aids to the Gaza Strip.

An official source at the crossing said that the crossing was opened for stranded students, patients, humanitarian cases and those carrying residency permits, as well as passengers returning from medical treatment and work trips or from visits to other countries.

The source added that additional stuff were provided on the Egyptian side to speed up the procedures and facilitate the passage of passengers in both directions, in addition to providing an additional number of vehicles to transport them between the two sides.

The Palsy Ministry of Interior instructed passengers to follow the set mechanism for travel through the Rafah crossing on Thursday, to commit to the schedule of buses and to provide all required legal documents for crossing the passage.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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