Railways opened in Qena, election results to be challenged in court

Community leaders in Nagaa Hammadi, Abou Tesht and Deshna in the Qena Governorate have succeeded in convincing citizens to cease blocking the railroad in Nagaa Hammadi.

Hundreds had been blocking the railroad to protest what they allege to be massive fraud in the parliamentary elections conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, particularly in favor of Abdel Rahim al-Ghoul, an independent candidate associated with the formerly ruling National Democratic Party.

Eyewitnesses said the number of protesters declined to 15 due to cold weather and that some parliamentary candidates convinced their supporters to leave the protest, which would convince the others to do the same.

Meanwhile several Islamic edicts were circulated in the city banning blocking railroads due to the harm it inflicts on public interest.

Railway sources said the railroad at the Abou Tesht and Deshna stations were opened after candidates decided to resort to the courts to challenge the election results. Trains ran on schedule on Sunday.

The Revolution Continues Coalition, the Nagaa Hammadi Youth Forum and several candidates and their supporters had led the sit-in.

They also prevented vehicles from passing on the Cairo-Aswan desert and agriculture roads, but were persuaded to open the roads as well as the railroad.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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