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A Ramadan night out with the kids

Ramadan has more to offer than gatherings of shisha and cards for the older crowd. Bringing your kids to Ramadan events and performances can be fun as long as there’s something for them to do. While it may require a little sacrifice on your part, (bundling up the kids and their gear and actually heading out into the crowds for a late night takes courage) checking out these kid-friendly activities around Cairo could be well worth your while!


Beit Al Eini is home to the Children’s Creativity Center and this month, home to their Ramadan Carnival, a festive event with craft workshops, sculpture workshops, film and photography workshops (for the creative spirit with in you, perhaps?), a free creativity in poetry workshop and competitions and games for children. The carnival runs from August 31st – September 25th and ends with an Aragoz Puppet Show at 8pm on the 25th of September.

Address: Behind Al Azhar mosque, next to Beit Al Harawi and Zeinab Khatoon
E-mail: [email protected]

Beit Al Sehemi offers up a number of activities that may not be ideal for children but on the 7th of September, an Aragoz and Shadow Puppet Show is scheduled – a collaboration with the Spanish Cultural Center – at 9:30pm.
Address: Al Darb al Asfar, off Al moez street, Al Gamalia district
Telephone: 0225913391

The Talaat Harb Cultural Center in Rouda is also holding a number of puppet related performances this Ramadan with an Aragoz and Puppet Show but Nabil Bahgat on the 1st of September and a longer running Abu Ali Puppet Theater show from the 11th-14th of September. Walid Badr’s Puppet Theater Show will take place on the 15th of September and all shows begin at 9:30 – (later hours for Ramadan).
Address: Al Saida Nafisa Street, Zeinhom district, Al Rouda
Telephone: 23622647

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