Former Brotherhood member says history will prove group leaders ‘reckless’

Muslim Brotherhood leaders will go down in history as contributing to the loss of the 25 January revolution, which Egyptians paid dearly for, a former member has said.

Haitham Abu Khalil wrote on his Facebook page that history will find that "the group's leaders insisted on fielding a presidential candidate despite a pledge they had made earlier not to compete for the presidency in the interim period."  

"As a result of that, votes were splintered to favor candidates from the former regime," he said, adding that this could allow the rigging of the election for a Mubarak regime candidate.

Abu Khalil is a former Brotherhood member who resigned from the group last year in objection to what he viewed as its non-revolutionary stances. He is also the head of the Dahaya Human Rights Center.

He said the group was reckless in pouring its anger on Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, once a key member, instead of leveling its criticism against Amr Moussa, who he described as a Mubarak regime remnant.

The Brotherhood decided to dismiss Abouel Fotouh after he decided to run for president even though the group's position at the time was to not field a candidate.

Abu Khalil said Egypt is in "a deep state of frustration due to the loss of the dream of the revolution" and a reversion to suppressed freedoms.

The Brotherhood will struggle to shunt responsibility for the loss of the revolution and persuade people that its failure was the result of “some Zionist-American scheme to abort the development project adopted by Khairat al-Shater and his replacement, Mohamed Morsy," Abu Khalil said.

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