Scholar reports death threats from ex-housing minister

Constitutional scholar Ibrahim Darwish reported that he has received death threats from former Housing Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Suleiman, which has been documented in the General Prosecution’s official reports. Darwish said the threats were a response to his insistence on exposing the former minister’s handling of state properties. Al-Masry Al-Youm obtained a transcript of the phone call in which the threats were issued.

During a seminar, organized by the Democratic Front Party, on the sale and appropriation of state lands, Darwish said that Suleiman had accused him, in a report to the Attorney General, of slander. This came after he published an article criticizing the former minister. Darwish called upon present and former ministers who had acquired land from Suleiman, to pay the difference between the price at which they purchased the land and its actual value.

Darwish said that Suleiman relied on "evil" real estate regulations to make the land tranfers, stating that these regulations contravene Article 87 of the constitution. He further explained that PM Ahmed Nazif’s approval of the transfers were "groundless," for neither Nazif nor any other politician has the right to grant such authority to the minister of housing.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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