Security ends protest at Arab League ahead of Morsy visit

Clashes broke out between security forces, Syrian activists and a number of street vendors on Wednesday in Tahrir Square after security attempted to disperse a protest in front of the Arab League headquarters, where President Morsy was scheduled to deliver a speech.

No injuries were reported in the clashes.

Security broke up the protest staged by Syrian activists and took down the tent they had erected in the middle of the square.

Authorities have arrested 14 people who they said were involved in the clashes that broke out on Tuesday afternoon in front of the Syrian Embassy in Garden City, and led to the injury of security officials and protesters.

A security source said two policemen and seven conscripts were injured in the clashes.

Political activists had marched on Tuesday from Tahrir to the embassy to condemn the killing of Syrian revolutionaries and to call for the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador in Egypt.

 Fighting erupted after the protesters attempted to break into the embassy and raise the Syrian revolution's flag on its building.

The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that 33 victims fell during the clashes and that they are all in stable condition.


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