Egypt Independent

Shalateen sees host of infrastructure projects

Ali Shawkat, mayor of the southern city of Shalateen on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, said more infrastructure projects were underway in Shalateen than in most other Egyptian cities.

“The president is personally interested in development projects for the Bedouin communities of Shalateen and Halayeb,” Shawkat said. 

“The Ministry of Energy and Electricity has completed 75 percent of a 330km electricity line running from Aswan to Shalateen with a 220-volt capacity, ” he added. “‘We will be connected to the national unified electricity grid next year, thanks to this project, which cost a total of LE200 million.”

Shawkat went on to say that a 110km highway had also been built along Egypt’s southern border, which had likewise cost LE200 million.

“The highway represents the third commercial gate to Sudan’s Wadi el-Nil province,” he said, explaining that the second phase of the highway would consist of another 210km of road that was expected to further enhance trade between the two sides.

“The armed forces are currently building an educational center on 35,000 acres of local land,” the mayor added. “And the government has raised funds for 39 schools in Shalateen and in neighboring cities.”

Mossad Herki, president of the Nubian Club in Cairo, for his part, pointed out that Egypt and Sudan had also signed a protocol aimed at preserving the area’s historical heritage.

“There’s no difference between Nubians and Bedouins, ” Herki said, noting that the Nubian Club boasted some 300 members belonging to various  Bedouin tribes in the area.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.