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‘Ship war’ extends to the Somali coast

The targeting of commercial ships sailing in the Red Sea by pirates, especially through strategic water straits, has escalated after Somalia entered the front line on Friday.

It was reported that a commercial ship flying the Maltese flag lost control while sailing in the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, and moved towards Somalia.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said on Friday that the ship was sailing in the vicinity of the Bab al-Mandeb Strait when its crew was hijacked and forced to move towards Somalia.

The European Union’s anti-piracy force in Somalia said on Friday that a Spanish navy ship was sailing at full speed towards the commercial ship, amid fear that it would be hijacked.

A cargo ship belonging to the German company Hapag-Lloyd was attacked and damaged while sailing in the Red Sea, a company spokesperson confirmed to the German News Agency (DPA) on Friday.

The private intelligence company Ambrey confirmed that the German cargo ship was subjected to material damage as a result of an air attack north of the Yemeni coastal city of Mokha.


Huthi rebels takes to the seas against Israel

The Huthi rebels group announced that it was carrying out a military operation against the two container ships, “MSC Alanya” and “MSC Palatium,” in response to the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

The Huthi group added that two ships were heading towards the “occupying entity” and were targeted by two naval missiles.

The port of Eilat in southern Israel was almost completely disrupted due to the Huthi attacks in the Red Sea.

American officials reported that the administration of President Joe Biden sent messages to the Huuthis through several channels warning them against launching attacks on ships in the Red Sea and against Israel.

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