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Sisi calls for comprehensive political solution in Sudan

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for joint efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution to the Sudanese crisis – one which meets all the desires of its people.

In Sunday statements, Sisi said: “We are keen on coordination and cooperation with all regional and international partners to resolve the Sudanese crisis.

“We will make every effort, whether bilaterally, regionally or internationally, to confront the repercussions of the crisis by providing all aspects of support in a way that reflects the specificity of Egyptian-Sudanese relations.”

Sisi continued: “We continue to send a large number of humanitarian aid shipments to our brothers in Sudan, in addition to hosting millions of Sudanese in Egypt,” he said, and called for “The need for the transition to the political track of the crisis to include the participation of all parties in accordance with the Sudanese national interest alone.”


Outbreak of war

Clashes broke out on April 2023 between the Rapid Support Forces and the army in Marawi and Khartoum, and quickly spread to other parts of Sudan.

As a result of the conflict, thousands were killed and tens of thousands injured.

The warring parties held a series of consultations in Jeddah in 2023, while a ceasefire between the army and RSF was repeatedly announced, yet none of the agreements reached were fully implemented.

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