Son of Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide shot dead, house set ablaze

Freedom and Justice Party media outlets, Rasd Facebook page, and the FJP online portal announced the death of Ammar Mohamed Badie, 38, son of the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

According to Rasd, the 38-year old Engineer died due to the violent clashes between security forces and protesters in Ramsis Square on Friday.

Ammar is one of Badie's three daughters and sons.

Ammar's corpse is currently at Ghamra Military Hospital where he was being hospitalized, according to Rasd.Hospital sources said that the cause of death were two bullets in the head and eye.

He is married with two sons. Working as a manager in a computer engineering company, Ammar was described by one of his employees, Muhammad Gyoushy, who worked closely with him, as "one of the most respectable, smart and honest persons [he] has every come to know," adding that if all the Brotherhood's leadership "had the same "mentality and decency, they would have been the best leadership for Egypt. He was a really good guy."

Ahmed Sobhi, a journalist affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood and works for their Beni Suef regional website, told Egypt Independent that Badei's villa in Beni Suef has been set on fire on Friday night after it was searched. Badei and his family have not been residing in this house since the violence escalated after 3 July when Mohamed Morsy was ousted.

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