Sources: curfew delays fuel supply to stations

Despite the availability of oil and diesel surplus, long curfew hours have been delaying the delivery of supplies to oil stations, an official source at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation said.

After violence broke out between security and supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsy last week, the government imposed a curfew going from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The same source pointed out difficulties in obtaining permissions for fuel trucks to operate beyond curfew hours, adding that tight security measures on highways forced trucks to stop en route.

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) met Thursday with distributing companies and military leaderships to discuss possibilities of obtaining extra licenses, and reaching an agreement with the companies in order to extend working hours.

The source stressed that recent fuel shipments promised by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates helped secure sufficient supplies at the corporation.

Ayman Naguib, director of Petroleum Arrows Company, said that out of 1,000 trucks, only 400 were granted permissions to move beyond curfew, which, he said, affects supplies in number of provinces. He noted that some truckers were wary of moving on highways, fearing that they might get shot at checkpoints or have their trucks stolen.

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