Stepped-up security in capital fails to deter Eid moviegoers

The Ministry of Interior increased security around cinemas in downtown Cairo on the first day of the Eid holidays to deter rising cases of harassment, erecting fences around local cinemas to keep crowds off the streets in an effort to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

Nevertheless, some cases of harassment were reported in the Nile Corniche area and on the main streets and squares of the capital's downtown area. Security forces briefly detained dozens of teenagers accused of harassing young women in front of Cairo's Television Building.

The stepped-up security, however, did not deter people from flocking to the cinemas. Wilad el-Balad ('The Gallant Guys')–starring pop singer Saad el-Soghayar and belly dancer Dina–was the highest grossing movie, earning LE1.2 million on its first day.

Al-Ragol al-Ghamed Besalamtu ('Mr. Mysterious'), starring Hani Ramzy and Nelly Kareem, came in second, pulling in LE423,000 to date. Sameer wi Baheer wi Shaheer ('Sameer, Shaheer and Baheer') ranked third, followed by Asal Eswed ('Black Molasses'), starring comedian Ahmed Helmi, and Aaelat Mickey ('Mickey’s Family'), starring Libliba and Ahmed Fouad Selim.

Al-Lembi 8 Gega ('Al-Lembi 8-Giga') and La Taragu wala Esteslam ('No Retreat, No Surrender') earned LE103,000 and LE76,000 respectively.

Although profits generated so far have been relatively low, film producers reportedly find them acceptable, given that the films on offer this year are of low artistic quality and do not feature any big stars. The number of moviegoers is expected to drop off after the Eid vacation with the outset of the new academic year.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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