Sudan to start exporting meat to Egypt in May

Sudan will start exporting meat and cattle to Egypt in May in accordance with an agreement between the two countries' agriculture ministries.

The deal involves exporting more than 50,000 cattle in the first year.

In an interview with Sudanese paper Al-Ray Al-Aam, Secretary General of the Sudanese Livestock and Meat Exporters Federation Siddig Haddoub said the deal with will increase animal exports, generate large revenues for Sudan, and develop its national economy.

Despite the importance of the deal, Sudan's food standards authorities and representatives of the private sector were not informed of it, he said.

Haddoub added that several obstacles hamper Sudanese exports, including the continual increase in the prices of Sudanese cattle compared to other countries. The high prices of fodder, transportation and infrastructure difficulties lead to price increases.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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