Syrian dissidents prepare for mass rally at Arab League headquarters

Several Syrian opposition figures have gathered before the Arab League headquarters in Cairo to prepare for a mass rally to be staged simultaneously with an urgent meeting of Arab foreign ministers regarding the ongoing turmoil in Syria.

Momen Koafatyh, head of the committee supporting the Syrian revolution in Cairo, said protesters gathered on Saturday before the Syrian Embassy and moved to the Arab League on Sunday.

Koafatyh mentioned that the march on Saturday was large and that a Syrian was injured in clashes with embassy security personnel who believed protesters were planning to attack the embassy.

The Syrian people will not watch silently as blood is shed in Syria every day, Koafatyh added.

"We are depending a lot on the Arab foreign ministers' meeting to make a serious decision to force the Syrian regime to fulfill the people’s demands of change and reform," he said.

The ministers are considering suspending Syria's membership in the Arab League. The meeting comes in response to Gulf countries' request to resolve its approach to the ongoing turmoil in Syria, in light of the Arab League's indecision on how to address the issue.

According to the UN, 2900 people have been killed in protests first sparked six months ago in the city of Deraa against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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