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Tantawi fails early in Egyptian presidential race

Former member of the House of Representatives Ahmed al-Tantawi has left the race to run for the presidential elections in Egypt according to his campaign, which announced on Friday that it is stopping the bid after failing to collect the necessary endorsements for the nomination.

Tantawi’s campaign coordinator, Mohamed Abul-Diyar, announced that Tantawi received only 14,160 endorsements, meaning that he did not meet the basic condition for candidacy regarding popular support for him.


Egyptian presidential elections 2024

To run for the presidential elections, each presidential hopeful must secure the endorsement of 20 members of the House of Representatives, or 25,000 eligible voters in at least 15 governorates, with the minimum in each governorate being 1,000 endorsements.

The NEA will receive applications to run for the presidential election from October 5-14, while the final list of presidential candidates will be announced and the election campaign will officially begin on November 9.

The presidential elections will be held outside Egypt from December 1-3, and inside Egypt from December 10-12.

The results of the elections will be announced on December 18.

The president in Egypt is elected for a six-year term, and he may not hold the presidency for more than two consecutive presidential terms.

The presidential candidate is required to be endorsed by at least 20 members of the House of Representatives, or to obtain signatures of support from at least 25,000 citizens.

The president in Egypt is elected by direct secret ballot.

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