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Ten Muslim Brotherhood leaders sentenced to death in Egypt

An Egyptian court sentenced to death the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yahya Moussa, and nine others out of 215 people, on charges of forming armed groups to carry out attacks against police personnel, officers and facilities.

The referral order stated that the defendants, from August 14, 2013 until February 2, 2015, in the Cairo and Giza governorates, led a group that was founded in violation of the law, to call for the suspension of the constitution and laws, to prevent state institutions and public authorities from exercising its duties, limit personal and public freedoms and rights, which are guaranteed by the constitution and the law, and harm national unity and social peace.

Investigation authorities also accused the defendants of committing premeditated murder and attempted murder crimes of policemen and civilians, protesting, sabotage, use of force, violence and threats with public officials to make them refrain from performing their work, establishing an unlawful group and supplying it with weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Earlier, the Emergency Supreme State Security Criminal Court, in the Tora Courts complex, imprisoned five defendants, including four in the al-Furqan Brigades cell case, which was established on the commission of terrorist Hisham Ashmawy.

The court sentenced Abdullah Amer to life in prison, Mohamed Ahmed Mostafa to ten years in prison, Mohamed Mahmoud Mamdouh to ten years in prison, Ahmed Mohamed Tawfiq to five years in prison, and Mohamed Ahmed Azab to 15 years in prison.

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