Thousands attend joint Brotherhood-Salafi rally

More than 50,000 people on Saturday attended a joint rally held by the Muslim Brotherhood group and Salafis in Haram district, Giza.

The organizers chanted slogans stating that the Brotherhood and the Salafis are one, and that both seek to apply the Islamic Sharia.

“The United Arab States and the United Islamic States are inevitably coming,” said prominent Salafi preacher Safwat Hegazy at the rally. “And soon we will have one caliph to rule us all.”

Hegazy condemned those who burnt the church in Imbaba on Saturday. “They are not Salafis or Brothers, nor are they Egyptians,” he said. “They are the enemy that incites sectarian strife.”

Salafi preacher Mohamed Hassan, for his part, called on all Islamic groups to reassure Muslims and Christians alike. “Egypt does not belong to the Muslims alone,” he said. “And Copts are protected by Islam. They need not resort to the United States for that.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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