Three Sudanese arrested in foiled border crossing attempt

Egyptian security forces in Helwan have foiled an attempt by 29 Sudanese nationals to illegally cross the border to Israel. The Sudanese were helped by drivers from Cairo, security sources said.

Three of the Sudanese nationals were arrested while the rest escaped into the desert.  The drivers were also apprehended. The arrests were made on the Cairo-Suez Road, the sources added.

Security sources said that two cars, parked by the side of the Cairo-Suez Road, were spotted by security officials who happened to be present in the area at the time. The passengers jumped out of the car on spotting the security forces, the source added. 

The two car drivers confessed to driving 29 Sudanese nationals from al-Marg metro station to the Cairo-Suez Road where the latter were supposed to meet a Bedouin who would then help them to make the illegal border crossing into Israel.

The three arrested Sudanese nationals made a full confession to the charges brought against them, and a report was filed concerning the incident. Those arrested have been referred to the public prosecution. Hamed Abdallah, head of Helwan security, has demanded that those who escaped should be quickly apprehended, the sources said.

The arrests—and the attempted crossings—are the latest in a series of incidents which have led to increased international scrutiny as African migrants attempt to make the illegal and frequently dangerous border crossing into Israel.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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