Top prosecutor orders investigation in espionage claims against two activists

Top prosecutor Hesham Barakat ordered an investigation in a claim filed by Abdel Aziz Fahmy, General Manager of Youth and Sports in Gharbiya, against prominent activists Esraa Abdel Fattah and Asmaa Mahfouz over charges of espionage for foreign bodies. The claim demanded banning both activists from travel.
"Esraa and Asmaa…obtained sums of money based on what was stated in remarks by Fayza Aboul Naga, former Minister of International Cooperation, in which she said that the total amount of money which entered Egypt for political and human rights activists were estimated at 1 billion and 600 million pounds. She said [both activists] were among the recipients," according to Fahmy's claim.
"Based on what has been circulated in newspapers and media, all Egyptians became aware of the role these agents played in harms that afflicted the country," Fahmy mentioned.
Fahmy demanded the transfer of both activists to the criminal court over charges of receiving foreign funds and treason. He also called for banning them from international travel so as to preserve national security and prevent the disgrace of Egypt's image and its people abroad.
Fahmy called for tracking the number of their former travels abroad and the reasons for their trips to find out the sources of funding and the parties they are spying for.
Neither of the activists were available for comment. 

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