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Trade unions mull Labor Day plans after govt cancels official celebration

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) is considering how to commemorate Labor Day on 1 May after Egypt canceled official celebrations. 

ETUF’s caretaker chairman, Ismail Fahmy, said the federation may mark the event by paying a visit to the tomb of former President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who led the 1952 revolution, to emphasize the labor movement's adherence to the principles of that revolution.

Fahmy told Al-Masry Al-Youm that this year’s celebration will be limited to a meeting of trade union heads at ETUF’s main office on Sunday, where a number of trade unionists and the families of martyrs of the 25 January revolution will be honored.

This is the first time in 54 years Egypt has canceled official Labor Day celebrations because there is no president to preside over the holiday.

Independent syndicates will meet Thursday to plan their first post-revolution, million-man celebration in Tahrir Square. The event will include performances by a number of singers and poets, according to Kamal Abbas, a co-founder of the Federation of Independent Unions.

Abbas said the event will call for better wages, the disbanding of the ETUF and the accountability of its leaders for their personal wealth. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition