Trial of 53 suspects in Israeli Embassy clashes put off until Sunday

A military court on Monday postponed until Sunday the trial of 53 suspects arrested during clashes that broke out outside the Israeli Embassy in early September.

The suspects face charges of intimidation, vandalism and illegal assembly.

Defense lawyers said the decision to refer the suspects for military trial is invalid since it is based on an article in the penal code which the Supreme Constitutional Court has said is unconstitutional. He further added that the arrests were random.

The defense also said that the prosecution's witnesses did not manage to determine the identity of any of the detained suspects.

Clashes between a number of protesters and security forces broke out on 9 September outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo after protesters demolished a wall recently built in front of the building housing the embassy.

Protesters took down the Israeli flag, stormed into the embassy and proceeded to throw embassy papers from the windows on the building's top floors.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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