Trucks used to deliver patients to hospitals, ambulances unable to keep up

Hundreds of injured protesters rush in hospitals near Rabaa al-Adaweya square where Egyptian security has stormed pro-Morsy sit-ins.

In al-Demerdash hospital, one of the nearest hospitals to Rabaa, doctors are receiving injured cases and at least two dead protesters were admitted. Injuries are due to birdshot, live ammunition and hits on the head with security sticks, according to doctors.

A doctor at Ain Shams University Hospital told Egypt Independent that ambulances cannot keep up with the numbers of the injured, "so, they are delivered by these bloody trucks."

As big numbers of cases rush in, it is hard for the hospital staff to keep up with names and identifications of the patients especially that no family members or acquaintances come with the injured. 

"We write the vitals of each person on their body, so we can know which department he should be referred to,"  the doctor told Egypt Independent. "In my 10 years in Ain Shams University Hospitals, I have never witnessed a day as bloody as this."

Amid conflicting records, Egyptian Health Ministry announced that death cases have reached 15. 

Meanwhile, Egypt Independent's reporters at Rabaa, al-Nahda and near-by hospitals have first-handedly witnessed more than 20 cases alone.

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