Turkish FM says Morsy still president of Egypt

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Monday Turkey still recognizes Mohamed Morsy as Egypt’s president.

“We still consider that Morsy maintains his position,” he told a television channel.

Violence could spread in the Middle East, Davutoglu claimed, if political forces continued to be marginalized. 

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also said on Sunday that he still considers Morsy, who was toppled on 3 July, as president of Egypt.


During an Iftar, the prime minister said: “Currently, my president in Egypt is Morsi because he was elected by the people. If we don't consider the situation like this, we would [have to] disregard the people of Egypt."


"Disregarding the will of the Egyptian people means disregarding yourself because in Turkey we respect the will of the people. We would respect the coup regime if they had won at the ballot box.”


Erdogan said he believes an army's role is to protect, not rule, a country.


“Why is there a ballot box?" he asked. "From the results of the [ballot] box, a government emerges through the will of the people and that government governs the country. That government may be successful or not."


"If the government stops being successful, then the ballot box will come to the fore. When it comes to the fore, then you can say that the government has failed."

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