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Ukrainian military publishes video of intense shelling in Lysychansk

Tim Lister and Olga Voitovych

The Ukrainian military has released video showing extensive destruction in Lysychansk, the last city in Luhansk region still under Ukrainian control.

The commentary on the video says the city is “half-destroyed by Russian artillery.”

Released on Thursday, the video shows rockets embedded in streets and large holes blown through apartment buildings.

The city’s roads are deserted — littered with upended vehicles — and the sound of incoming rounds seems almost constant. One sends the film crew running for cover.

In the video, commentary said the Russians have so many weapons they can subject whole neighborhoods to barrages of shelling.

An unnamed woman whose identity is disguised says: “People die in their apartments, in their homes, in their yards.”

A Ukrainian soldier said communications are difficult because the Russians are employing electronic warfare measures, meaning the state emergency service can’t reach victims of the shelling, nor organize evacuations.

As a soldier leaves the city in a vehicle, he points out Lysychansk’s oil refinery, which he says has been burning for weeks.

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