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Update: Military sympathizer throws sound bombs at demonstrators

A pro-military demonstrator targeted protesters outside of the Defense Ministry in the Abbasseya neighborhood with sound bombs while they were heading back to Tahrir Square. 

Tahrir protesters failed to catch him after he ran away once he threw the bombs. 

Demonstrators outside the ministry decided to end their protest there and march to Tahrir Square after activists convinced them that it is useless to stay in the area.

On their way to the square, clashes erupted between them and residents who went down to the street in support of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. 

The residents raised their shoes in the faces of the demonstrators who in turn chanted, calling them crazy.

Political activists have decided to hold a peaceful march from Tahrir to the Defense Ministry. Ultras ― hardcore football fans who often join political protests ― have said they will participate in the march and wear black to pay homage to the martyrs of the 25 January revolution.

Earlier in the day, military and police forces have been deployed outside the Defense Ministry, as a reaction to reports that activists in Tahrir Square are planning to march on the ministry to express their opposition to the council's continuing rule.

Large numbers of army and police forces have spread throughout the streets around the ministry, while dozens of armed vehicles and army personnel have surrounded the building.

One activist organizing the march, who preferred to remain anonymous for safety reasons, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the decision to hold the march came after activists held deliberations in the square. A number of the protesters decided in advance to secure a protest area near Kobba Bridge nearby the ministry.

An activist group in Abbasseya has also organized a thousands-strong march to Tahrir before afternoon prayers, to join other demonstrators who are seeking to end military rule.