Update: One killed, 211 injured in nationwide clashes

Health Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Omar is now saying that the total number of people injured nationwide is 211, while also saying that one person has been reported killed during clashes near Ettehadiya Palace.

According to Omar, all but 72 of the injured have been released from local hospitals after being treated.

Gharbiya saw this highest number injured, with conflicting reports of 164 or 165 people injured. Fourteen people were injured in clashes around Ettehadiya Palace in Cairo, while 22 were injured in Alexandria, six in Kafr al-Sheikh and five in Sharqiya.

Gharbiya has been the scene of ongoing clashes between protesters and security forces since Friday afternoon, particularly around the governorate headquarteres in Tanta. 

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry reported earlier that the total number of police injured nationwide during clashes Friday was 102, which includes those injured in Cairo and Alexandria as well as in Delta cities.

A source from the mnistry told MENA Saturday that one injury was from live ammunition, while another 16 were injured by birdshot.

There were also 93 arrests during clashes Friday, with eight being arrested near Ettehadiya Palace, 31 in Alexandria, 40 in Gharbiya and four in Kafr al-Sheikh.

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