US aircraft carrier passes through Suez Canal

The US aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 passed through the Suez Canal on Wednesday, carrying 113,000 tons of cargo en route to the Persian Gulf.

Sources told the state-run MENA news service that the aircraft carrier was escorted by four US warships and special Suez Canal Authority tug boats.

The trip took 14 hours, during which the Suez Canal Authority took strict security measures, including prohibiting passenger ferries from crossing the canal or cars from driving on roads alongside it.

A spokesman for the Pentagon on Tuesday said the US Navy is deploying the aircraft carrier to the Middle East in light of regional tensions, especially in Iran and Syria.

At the beginning of the year, Iran threatened to attack US warships if they returned to the Strait of Hormuz, which prompted the United States to step up its military potential in the region in the event Iran closes the strait.

Edited translation from MENA

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