Egypt Independent

US official meets Egypt’s FM to discuss Egypt-Israel crisis

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr met with a US official on Monday to discuss Middle East developments, particularly the crisis between Egypt and Israel triggered after six Egyptians were killed by Israeli forces Thursday.

After the meeting, which lasted almost an hour, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said he was happy to be back in Egypt and seeing Egyptians choosing the best for their future.

Feltman offered condolences from the American people for loss of the six Egyptians.

Asked about the situation, Feltman said Amr explained the steps taken by Egypt to secure its borders.

Feltman said the US is communicating with Egypt and Israel regarding the situation.

He said stable border security is in everyone’s interests, so that Egyptians do not lose their lives in similar accidents in the future.

Regarding the US efforts made to contain the situation, Feltman said his country has strong ties with Egypt and Israel and expressed readiness to take any procedures seen appropriate by both sides to resolve the crisis.

He added that Egypt is a leading country regionally, and the US doesn’t have a relationship with any Arab country that is more important than its relationship with Egypt.

Translated from the Arabic Edition