Video: Egyptian prosecution responds to claims that Galala woman’s death was suicide

The Public Prosecution Office in Egypt on Monday responded to social media claims that Iman Nayel, 23, had committed suicide on the Galala road by driving her car in traffic at high speeds.

Nayel died on Sunday morning while driving her car against traffic at a speed of about 180 km per hour and colliding with a lorry. She was the daughter of Azza Aboul Enein, a doctor at Qasr al-Aini medicine school, and father Mohamed Nayel, a professor of neurological diseases at the same university.

According to sources, the accident causes Nayel’s car to explode and overturned the lorry. Images of the accident have been spread across social media.

In a statement on its official Facebook, the Public Prosecution wrote: “The Monitoring and Analysis Unit at the Public Prosecution’s Office found wide interaction with a video clip of the incident circulating on social media, and some users of these sites referred the reason for the accident as the driver committing suicide.”

“Regarding these speculations, the Public Prosecution confirms that investigations concluded that the deceased was responsible for the accident which may constitute criminal charges against her, but the fate of these charges is an abatement of the criminal case with the death of the aforementioned,” it explained.

The statement added that examining the victim’s motives for suicide is a matter irrelevant to investigations as it concerns private matters.

“Accordingly, the Public Prosecution calls upon all not to violate the sanctity of private life, and to stop circulating these speculations and interpretations so as not to hurt feelings of the deceased’s relatives,” it concluded.

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