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Video: Expert reveals truth behind video showing mummies being transported via subway

A video showing the transport of ancient Egyptian artifacts and mummies on the Egyptian metro rails has sparked widespread controversy – with questions surrounding its authenticity.


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The brief video shows antiquities being transported underground via the metro on the Shubra Line, amongst passengers.

The chief archaeologist at the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Magdy Shaker, slammed the video as “illogical and unrealistic.”

Speaking to Mubasher Plus, he explained: “The transportation of antiquities is carried out in scientifically determined ways and means, not including regular means of transportation such as the subway, and on certain days as well.”

“Also, the choice of the Shubra line proves that the video was fabricated because it is far from the Egyptian Museum and the Giza Pyramids,” he noted.

“The video shows people sitting while the royal coffins were being transported without any reaction, against the logic, as individuals should have at least taken photos documenting this event.”

The chief archaeologist referred instead to the process of moving the statue of Ramses from its previous place in Ramses square located in the heart of Cairo to the Grand Egyptian Museum, the transfer of the statue of King Khufu from its place in the pyramids are and the movement of royal mummies.

Shaker called on security authorities in Egypt to track down the publisher of the video clip and find its source, and penalize them for spreading misinformation that would damage the credibility of state information.

He also suggested that the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities follow up on these news and reveal its truth to observers and the media to prevent controversy.

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