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Video: Om El Donya’s second season slated for June 6 release

The WATCH IT platform announced on Friday that the second season of the historical documentary drama series “Om El Donya” (Mother of the World) starring Sawsan Badr is set to release on June 6.

This season, tag-lined “Who are we?”, will reveal more secrets and stories of the civilizations that succeeded each other in the land of Egypt, starting from the Pharaonic eras, through the Islamic and Coptic eras, all the way to the modern world.

The first season highlighted the monuments and development of ancient Egyptian civilization through the unification of the two lands, the age when the Pyramids were first built, the first and second eras of decline, the Hyksos kings the prosperity of the New Kingdom until the rule of Cleopatra and the end of the dynastic era.

The episodes shed light on the historical material by linking the viewer with important figures in the history of the Egyptian state, adding a dramatic element as well.

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