Video: Tourism Ministry uploads film showing Egypt’s readiness to receive tourists

In an effort to promote the return of tourism during July, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Sunday uploaded a short film on Facebook as part of its “Same Great Feelings” marketing campaign on Egyptian, Arab, and international social media platforms.

The campaign aims to reassure tourist audiences that Egypt is ready to welcome them back by showing off the precautionary measures in place and the variety of scenic destinations awaiting them.

Its target is the tourist market in Asia, the Gulf Arabic states and European nations such as Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

Tourism investors and the Egyptian Tourism Authority helped finance the video’s marketing campaign. The short film is set to air on CNN and the Discovery Channel alongside Arab TV channels.

The International Council for Tourism and Travel on Saturday granted Egypt the “Safe Travel Stamp” after approving the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ health safety regulations to receive foreign tourism.

The Chairperson of the Egyptian Tourism Federation Ahmed al-Wasef announced Monday that Italian flights to and from Egyptian airports will resume on July 15, according to the Italian Nova News Agency.

Wasef added that several Egyptian hotels have already received bookings from Italian tourist companies.

He also noted that Egypt has prepared several measures — using the World Health Organization’s guidance — that aim to protect tourists and motivate them to visit Egypt.

Egypt announced on June 7 that air traffic in all Egyptian airports will resume staring July 1, in accordance with Egypt’s preventive and precautionary measures to coexist with the coronavirus outbreak.

Flight reservations have reopened in all airline offices.

Civil aviation traffic in Egypt has been suspended since March 19, excluding air cargo flights, charter flights only for tourist groups already in Egypt who want to return home, international medical flights and domestic flights.

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