Wafd Party fields 332 list-based candidates and 96 individuals

At a press conference on Monday, Wafd Party President al-Sayed al-Badawy announced that his party has fielded 332 list-based candidates in 46 electoral constituencies, and 96 individual candidates in 83 constituencies, for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Badawy also said there were 23 Coptic candidates on the lists, and another three among the individual runners, while there were 52 female candidates on the lists, and four among the individuals.

He further explained that, out of the total number, 120 were list-based and 22 were individual candidates in the Shura Council elections, of whom 15 list-based candidates and one individual are Coptic Christians.

He also said the party did not nominate any members of its general or policies secretariats, nor former members of the dissolved National Democratic Party, except for four in the Red Sea, Qena, Minya and Sharqiya, who had won as independents in the last parliamentary elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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