We were not invited to participate in the Committee of 50, says Brotherhood

Mohamed Ali Bishr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and former minister of local development, said on Monday that neither the Brotherhood nor the Freedom and Justice Party received an invitation from the presidency to participate in the Committee of 50 that is amending the Constitution.
He also said that he did not receive an invitation from the Federation of Trade Unions to participate in the national dialogue it is holding, emphasizing that there are no initiatives to reach a political solution to the current crisis. “There is nothing new about the crisis,” he said.
Bishr also responded to media reports, denying moving the Engineers Syndicate to the Guidance Bureau to hold political contacts from there, considering it as further lies and fabrications launched by the media against the Muslim Brotherhood.
“It is up to the syndicate president Maged Kholousy to respond to that,” he said.
Meanwhile, Sayed Nagida, a leading Brotherhood figure, called on the state security apparatus to stop cracking down on members of the group in their places of work. “They send lists of their names to deprive them of promotions,” he claimed.
“The Brotherhood denounces violence against citizens or army and police officers. Others have been taking advantage of the conflict to inflict violence,” he said. “This conflict must stop.”
He noted that the Brotherhood would continue to demonstrate as long as there is no political solution for the problem. “Continuing security practices against the Muslim Brotherhood will not solve the problem at all,” he added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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