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Woman leads musical band in a first for the Mahka al-Qalaa Theater

The Choir of the Faculty of Music Education at Helwan University, “The Voice of the Capital” opened their musical segment at the Citadel Festival for Music and Singing under the leadership of a woman for the first time, the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

The Mahka al-Qalaa Theater made history with its first woman maestro standing on its stage, leading the choir and band with the utmost professionalism.

During their segment at the festival held at Cairo’s Citadel, the “Mahka al-Qalaa,” the choir presented a medley by the late artist Farid al-Atrash which included the songs “Habina,” “Ya Jamil Ya Jamil,” “Zeina,” “Adi Al-Rabi’,” and more.

The choir also performed “Talat Salamat” by late singer Mohamed Qandil, “Ennabi” by the late Karem Mahmoud, and “Loula al-Malama” by the late Warda.

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