Workers continue protest outside prime minister’s office

Hundreds of workers on Sunday blocked the road in front of the Investment Ministry, the prime minister's temporary office, calling for the dismissal of the corrupt leaders of their companies.

The workers, employed at Al-Nasr Steam Boilers, Egyptian Petroleum Service Company (EPSCO), and Petroleum Trading Service Company (Petrotrade), called on the government to give them their late allowances.

Workers from Al-Nasr Steam Boilers asked the government to apply a court verdict that said their company should be state-owned.

A cabinet source who asked not to be named told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri demanded that authorities photograph the demonstrating workers and submit the footage to prosectors.

EPSCO workers raised banners that asked Ganzouri to dismiss Petroleum Minister Abdullah Ghorab and the head of the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, Abdel Kadir Abdallah.

Some of the EPSCO workers said they were fired due to arbitrary charges made against them. They demanded their jobs back.

EPSCO worker Mohamed Mostafa said that while the minister appoints people affiliated with the former ruling National Democratic Party in the company, he ignores the workers' demands for their allowances.

Petrotrade workers raised banners that said "Return to work is a legitimate right after the revolution."

Petrotrade worker Mahmoud Kamal said 253 workers have been arbitrarily dismissed from their jobs. He said company officials have been giving their relatives jobs.

Soap and Oil Company workers also demonstrated, protesting "financial and administrative corruption" in the company.

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