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World Culture: Star Wars in 3-D, Facebook on film, murals all over

In a new series called "World culture," the Al-Masry Al-Youm culture staff reviews the week’s best, worst, and biggest in art, books, cinema, and more.

Star Wars might be coming out in 3-D, for better or for worse. Anyone interested in tracing the origins of this exploding cinematic trend should know that all paths lead to James Cameron's ego.

Rapper Jay-Z gives some business advice, not including getting paid in Euros instead of American dollars.

Tony Curtis, the American movie star most famous for his hilarious turn as a cross-dressing suitor of Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like it Hot," dies at the age of 85. The Guardian runs an unpublished interview with the actor, in which he talks about life and death.

"The Social Network," the new movie about the social media juggernaut Facebook, garners good reviews, some skepticism, and a lot of status updates.

Nobel prize-winning poet and Irish icon Seamus Heaney has published a new book of poems, "Human Chain," the first since a stroke left him with difficulty writing. Reviewer William Logan calls him the the most popular poet since Robert Frost, and one still capable of changing, shocking and delighting.

"The first Israeli pork cookbook" is published, written by a Tel Aviv-based cardiologist.

Director Vincenzo Natali, whose latest feature, "Splice," we just reviewed, comes out with "Elevated," a short film about being stuck in an elevator, both parts of which are available on YouTube.

The online Mural Locator displays public art from around the world, but none from the Middle East. At least, so far: anyone can submit photos of local murals. (Keep an eye out for Al-Masry Al-Youm's review of AUC Press's "Against the Wall," a stunning collection of photographs and stories from the West Bank wall.)

Sick of cats playing keyboards? Here are some "intelligent YouTube channels." Cats reading books?

Film director, Claude Chabrol, often called the French Alfred Hitchcock, dies at 80.

And, a poem.

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